Saturday, July 4, 2015

5 Kammas selected for Civil Services (UPSC) 2014

Here is the list of candidates selected for Civil Services 2014






A road named after Veerasamy Naidu in Singapore

Veerasamy Road - Little India/ Singapore

Veerasamy Road was renamed twice in its history; it was originally called Inche Lane, and was renamed Jalan Tambah in 1910. In 1927, the road was renamed again as Veerasamy Road, in honour of Dr N. Veerasamy Naidu (1865-1926), one of Singapore’s first Indian doctors and a leader in the local Indian community.

After his education at Raffles School, Dr Veerasamy became a medical practitioner for 40 years. He was later appointed as a Municipal Commissioner and Justice of Peace. Dr Veerasamy was buried at his family burial ground at Bedok after his death in 1926.

It was only in 1912 that the first Hindu public Holiday was granted to the Indian community by the government. This was for Deepavali,57 but it was notlegislated as an annual affair. The first LegislatedHindu Public Holiday came in 1914 when the Hindu community was given a say to choose between Deepavali or Thaipusam. In a meeting of the Hindu Association, presided by Dr Veerasamy.

Ravi Suryadevara Elected as President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago

Ravi Suryadevara elected as President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago, AMCHAM T&T (First Vice President, AMCHAM T&T)

Ravi Suryadevara is the C.E.O. and co-owner of Trinidad Valve and Fitting Company Limited. He has 15+ years experience in the process instrumentation, control and automation field.

Ravi Suryadevara was educated at St, Mary’s College in Port-of-Spain. He attained a BSc. in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Finance/Tourism at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, The University of the West Indies.

Mr. Suryadevara is the Trade and Investment Committee Chair. He is also a member of The Energy Chamber.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Pentela Harikrishna Wins Edmonton International Chess Tournament

Pentela Harikrishna took the first place in the 10-player round robin event held from 20th to 29th June 2015. He scored 7.5 points from 9 games to beat the Ukraine's Vassily Ivanchuk, who finished second. Ivanchuck was the defending champion.

Grand Master Pentela Harikrishna won the 10th Edmonton International round robin Chess tournament at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The World No. 25 took the first place in the 10-player round robin event held from 20th to 29th June 2015. He scored 7.5 points from 9 games to beat the Ukraine's Vassily Ivanchuk, who finished second. Ivanchuck was the defending champion.

As a result he improved his FIDE rating to 2740, according to an official media release.
Harikrishna had six wins and three draws on his way to the title.

In the opening round, Harikrishna faced Olympic Gold Medalist Samuel Shankland of USA.
His second round opponent was Matras Clement from Poland and Harikrishna smoothly overcame him.

The fifth round was a bit tricky for him against Dale Haessel. However, he defeated the veteran who has played all ten editions of the tournament.

The game against Vassily was of extreme importance. An unusual mistake by the defending champion allowed Harikrishna to advance.

Shane Naidoo, Miss South Africa 2015 finalist

“Entering Miss South Africa means, fulfilling a lifelong dream and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. I am confident that I will be a worthy leader and an ambassador for our country. I believe that I possess the strength, determination and confidence to represent our country on a national and international level. I have passion and compassion, and believe that our people are our greatest asset. I aim to combine my personal goals and strengths with those of the Miss South Africa organisation to make a positive social impact in our society by means of engaging with our people and emphasising their strengths. I want to be a role model to young women across the country and an ambassador for women’s empowerment.”

Shane Naidoo, Miss South Africa 2015 finalist!!

Shane Naidoo, 22 years old finalist of Miss South Africa 2015, comes from Farrarmere in Benoni and is a third year student of Industrial Engineering at Wits. Shane decided to study engineering because she enjoys the challenge that the course presents. The industrial environment, she believes, allows her to be creative an innovative while still applying logic and working with numbers. “It’s a field that focuses on optimising and improving, which is something that speaks to me on so many different levels, as the knowledge obtained from this programme can be applied to a multitude of different areas in my life.”, she says.

Shane lives with her parents in Benoni. Her mom is an ex-teacher and entrepreneur and her dad is the technical manager of a cement ready-mix manufacturing company. Shane says that her parents have been supportive of every decision of her and she shares great bond with them. Shane has an elder sister and she believes that both of them have been raised with strong morals and values by their parents, who taught them to be independent. Shane is a fitness freak and likes to work out at the gym and attend power boxing classes. In her spare time, she likes to be indulged in a good book to unwind herself and relax.

The 22 years old, Benobni beauty is an adventure queen. She unveils her adventurous side and talks about her voyage experiences and says, “I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie. I’ve been bungee jumping, zip-lining, swimming with dolphins and I have experienced sky-diving simulation. Next on my bucket list is conquering the Soweto Tower. One day I would like to skydive over the Palm Islands in Dubai. I crave adventure!”

Shane follows and considers Oprah Winfrey as her solitary idol. Oprah Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Talking about Oprah, shane says, “Oprah Winfrey embodies everything that a strong, successful woman should be. Her life is the ultimate success story. She is a true example of persistence and determination. Her teachings are empowering and I admire the way she uses her platform to reach out to millions of people across the world and touch so many lives. She inspires me on both a personal and a professional level.”