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Yadlapalli Pranjala achieved yet another career high when she and her Indian partner Rutuja Bhosale emerged triumphant in the women doubles event of the $25,000 Nonthaburi ITF tournament in the Thailand city of Nonthaburi on Friday.

The giant-killers defeated the second seeded Taipei pair of Pei Hsuan Chen and Fang-Hsien Wu 7-5, 6-2 in the title clash.

The Indian pair had shocked the top seeded combination of Jia-Qi Kang (China) and local hope Peangtarn Plipuech 6-2, 6-3 in the semifinals.

Pranjala, who is sponsored by GVK Foundation, currently enjoys a doubles ranking of No 307

Monday, July 16, 2018

A biopic on India's Formula one racer Kakarla Narain Karthikeyan

Kakarla Kumar Ram Narain Karthikeyan born 14 January 1977  in Coimbatore to Mr.Karthikeyan and Mrs Sheela. The family runs the famous PSG institutions.

Narain Karthikeyan is a racing driver who was the first Formula One driver from India. He has previously competed in A1GP, and the Le Mans Series. He made his Formula One debut in 2005 with the Jordan team, and was a Williams F1 test driver in 2006 and 2007. Like several other former F1 drivers, Karthikeyan moved to stock car racing and drove the #60 Safe Auto Insurance Company Toyota Tundra for Wyler Racing in the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. In 2011 he returned to F1 with the HRT team, continued with the team in 2012 and was expected to drive for them in the 2013 season as well. However, HRT was not included in the FIA's 2013 entry list, and thus Karthikeyan was left without a drive. In 2013, Karthikeyan raced in the Auto GP series, securing 5 wins and 4 pole positions with Super Nova Racing. For 2014, Karthikeyan has signed up with Team Impul, to race in the Japanese Super Formula series, he had competed in various international races and won many awards and accolades.

The Government of India awarded him the fourth highest civilian honour of Padma Shri in 2010.

Now a bio-pic is being made on his heroics. Upen Patel has been approached to do the lead role. The movie would be made in Tamil and Hindi simultaneously as he has a huge fan following in Tamilnadu.

Upen Patel is currently shooting for Boomerang starring Atharvaa. He plays a baddie in the movie.

List of Kamma Lok Sabha members from Tamilnadu (1952 - 2014)

R Prabhu 5 times MP and Ex.Central Minister 

1st Loksabha 1952    
1)            Pollachi   G Rangaswami Damodaran    Congress

2nd Loksabha 1957
1)            Cuddalore    T.D. Muthukumarasamy Naidu   CRC
2)            Pollachi    P.R. Ramakrishnan,     Congress

3rd Loksabha 1962
1)            Coimbatore    P.R. Ramakrishnan,     Congress
2)            Cuddalore    T.D. Muthukumarasamy Naidu    DMK
3)            Tiruvallur   V. Govindasamy Naidu    Congress

4th Loksabha 1967
1)            Sivakasi    S.P. Ramamoorthy    Swatantra Party
2)            Tindivanam   T.D.Ramabadran Naidu    DMK

5th Loksabha 1972
1)            Sivakasi     V Jeyalakshmi    Congress

6th Loksabha 1977
1)            Chengalpattu     R.Mohanrangam     AIADMK
2)            Madras Central    P.Ramachandran       Janata Party

7th Loksabha  1980
1)           Coimbatore     Era  Mohan    DMK
2)           Nilgiris   R.Prabhu      Congress(I)
3)           Sivakasi     N.Soundararajan     AIADMK

8th Loksabha 1984
1)          Nilgiris    R.Prabhu   Congress(I)
2)          Sivakasi   N.Soundararajan     AIADMK

9th Loksabha 1989
1)           Nilgiris   R.Prabhu    Congress(I)

10th Loksabha 1991
1)           Chengalpattu    S.S.R.Rajendra Kumar    AIADMK
2)          Nilgiris   R.Prabhu    Congress(I)

11th Loksabha 1996
1)           Chengalpattu     S.S.R.Rajendra Kumar    AIADMK
2)          Nilgiris    S.R.Balasubramoniyan    TMC)
3)          Sivakasi     V.Alagiri Samy    CPI

12th Loksabha 1998
1)            Madras North    C.Kuppusami    DMK
2)            Sivakasi    V. Gopalaswamy (Vaiko)   MDMK

13th Loksabha 1999
1)          Sivakasi     V. Gopalaswamy (Vaiko)   MDMK

14th Loksabha 2004
1)            Cuddalore     K.Venkatapathy     DMK
2)            Nilgiris   R.Prabhu    INC
3)            Sivakasi     Sippiparai A. Ravichandran         MDMK

15th Loksabha 2009

16th Loksabha 2014
1)           Chennai North T G Venkatesh Babu  AIADMK

Saturday, July 14, 2018

List of Kamma Lok Sabha Members (1952 - 2014) from AP

Kotha Raghuramaiah 4 times MP and Ex.Central Minister

1st Loksabha  (1952)         
1)            Anantapur  Paidi Lakshmayya,      Congress
2)            Gudiwada   Kadiyala Gopala Rao,   Communist Party
3)            Narasaraopet    Chapalamadugu Ramaiah Chowdary   Ind.
4)            Parvathipuram  Nutakki Ramaseshaiah  Ind.
5)            Tenali    Kotha Raghuramayya     Congress

2nd Loksabha   (1957)
1)            Gudiwada Duggirla Balarama Krishnaiah   Congress
2)            Guntur Kotha Raghuramaiah    Congress
3)            Tenali    Gogineni RangaNayakulu    Congress

3rd Loksabha (1962)
1)            Chittoor   Gogineni Ranga Nayakulu   Congress
2)            Eluru   Smt. Viramachaneni Vimla Devi Communist Party
3)            Gudiwada   Maganti Ankineedu  Congress
4)            Guntur Kotha Raghuramaiah   Congress
5)            Khammam          Smt.Tella LakshmiKantamma  Congress
6)            Ongole Madala Narayana Swamy  Communist Party
7)            Tenali    Kolla Venkaiah  Communist Party

4th Loksabha  (1967)
1)            Chittoor    N.Papudesi Chengalraya Naidu   Congress
2)            Eluru      Kommareddi Suryanarayana   Congress
3)            Gudiwada   Maganti Ankineedu   Congress
4)            Guntur Kotha Raghuramaiah    Congress
5)            Khammam  Smt.Tella LakshmiKantamma   Congress
6)            Machilipatnam  Yarlagadda Ankeenidu Prasad   Congress
7)            Ongole Kongara Jaggaiah    Congress
8)            Srikakulam    Prof. Gogineni RangaNayakulu Swatantra Party

5th Loksabha  (1972)
1)            Eluru      Kommareddi Suryanarayana   Congress
2)            Gudiwada   Maganti Ankineedu                Congress
3)            Guntur Kotha Raghuramaiah    Congress
4)            Khammam  Smt.Tella LakshmiKantamma   Congress
5)            Ongole Pamulapati Ankineedu Prasada Rao  Congress
6)            Rajahmundry   SriBalusu P.Pattabhi Rama Rao    Congress

6th Loksabha  (1977)
1)            Anantapur  Darur Pullaiah   Congress
2)            Bapatla Pamulapati Ankineedu Prasada Rao  Congress
3)            Chittoor  Paturu Rajagopal Naidu  Congress
4)            Eluru   Kommareddi Suryanarayana   Congress
5)            Guntur Kotha Raghuramaiah    Congress
6)            Machilipatnam  Maganti Ankineedu    Congress
7)            Rajahmundry  SriBalusu P.Pattabhi Rama Rao   Congress

7th Loksabha  (1980)
1)            Anantapur  Darur Pullaiah   Congress
2)            Bapatla Pamulapati Ankineedu Prasada Rao  Congress
3)            Chittoor  Paturu Rajagopal Naidu  Congress
4)            Eluru      Chitturi Subba Rao Chowdhary  Congress(I)
5)            Guntur Prof. Gogineni RangaNayakulu  Congress(I)
6)            Machilipatnam  Maganti Ankineedu    Congress
7)            Rajahmundry   SriBalusu P.Pattabhi Rama Rao    Congress(I)
8)            Vijayawada    Chennupati Vidya Congress(I)

8th Loksabha  (1984)
1)            Anantapur   Devineni Narayanaswami   TDP
2)            Chittoor   N.Papudesi Jhansi Lakshmi   TDP
3)            Eluru    Dr. Bolla BulliRamaiah   TDP
4)            Guntur Prof. Gogineni RangaNayakulu  Congress(I)
5)            Machilipatnam  Kavuri SambaSiva Rao    Congress(I)
6)            Narasaraopet   Katuri Narayana Swamy TDP
7)            Rajahmundry   Chundru ShriHari Rao   TDP
8)            Vijayawada   Vadde SobhanadreeswaraRao   TDP
9)            Warangal   Dr. T. Kalpana Devi  TDP

9th Loksabha  (1989)
1)            Eluru      Ghattamaneni Krishna   Congress(I)
2)            Guntur Prof. Gogineni RangaNayakulu  Congress(I)
3)            Machilipatnam  Kavuri SambaSiva Rao    Congress(I)
4)            Vijayawada   Chennupati Vidya  Congress(I)

10th Loksabha  (1991)
1)            Bapatla    Daggubati VenkateswaraRao   TDP
2)            Eluru    Bolla BulliRamaiah    TDP
3)            Rajahmundry     Kantipudi V.R.Chowdary    TDP
4)            Vijayawada   Vadde SobhanadreeswaraRao   TDP
5)            Visakhapatnam   M.V.V.S Murthy   TDP

11th Loksabha  (1996)
1)            Eluru    Bolla BulliRamaiah    TDP
2)            Guntur Rayapati Sambasiva Rao   INC
3)            Khammam          Tammineni,Shri Veerabhadram CPI(M)
4)            Narasaraopet    Kota,Shri Sydaiah   TDP
5)            Rajahmundry     Chitturi,Shri Ravindra     INC
6)            Vijayawada         Parvathaneni Upendra  INC

12th Loksabha  (1998)
1)            Eluru      Magantti Venkateswara Rao    INC
2)            Guntur   Rayapati Sambasiva Rao    INC
3)            Khammam    Nadendla Bhaskara Rao      INC
4)            Machilipatnam     Kavuri Samba SivaRao   INC
5)            Vijayawada    Parvathaneni Upendra    INC

13th Loksabha  (1999)
1)            Bapatla Daggubati Ramanaidu    TDP
2)            Eluru      Bolla BulliRamaiah    TDP
3)            Guntur   Yemparala Venkateswara Rao  TDP
4)            Khammam   Smt. Renuka Chowdhury     INC
5)            Ongole Karanam  Balarama Krishna Murthy   TDP
6)            Rajahmundry     SriBalusu P.B.K. Satyanarayana Rao    BJP
7)            Vijayawada    Gadde Ramamohan    TDP
8)            Visakhapatnam M.V.V.S Murthy   TDP

14th Loksabha  (2004)
1)            Bapatla Daggubati Purandeswari    INC
2)            Eluru      Kavuri Samba SivaRao      INC
3)            Guntur Rayapati Sambasiva Rao    INC
4)            Khammam    Smt. Renuka Chowdhury    INC
5)            Vijayawada    Lagadapati Rajagopal    INC

15th Loksabha  (2009)
1)            Eluru      Kavuri Samba SivaRao      INC
2)            Guntur    Rayapati Sambasiva Rao    INC
3)            Khammam    Nama Nageswara Rao     TDP
4)            Vijayawada    Lagadapati Rajagopal    INC
5)            Visakhapatnam   Daggubati Purandeswari   INC

16th Loksabha  (2014)
1)            Guntur   Galla Jayadev   TDP
2)            Narasaraopet   Rayapati SambasivaRao   TDP
3)            Vijayawada   Kesineni Srinivas    TDP
4)            Eluru   Maganti VenkateswaraRao   TDP
5)            Rajahmundry    Maganti Muralimohan   TDP
6)            Visakhapatnam    Khambampati Haribabu    BJP

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Publicis.Sapient appoints Tilak Doddapaneni as Global Head of Engineering

Publicis.Sapient appoints Tilak Doddapaneni as Global Head of Engineering and Rakesh Ravuri as CTO

Doddapaneni joins the agency as global head of engineering and Ravuri joins as chief technology officer for programming languages and cloud and global head of engineering - retail.

In a recent announcement, the world’s most advanced digital transformation platform, Publicis.Sapient (NASDAQ:SAPE, $3.50 Billion market cap) has appointed Tilak Doddapaneni as global head of engineering and Rakesh Ravuri as Chief Technology Officer for programming languages and cloud and global head of engineering - retail.

Doddapaneni joins the agency from Tesco, where he was online engineering director. Doddapaneni will join the Publicis.Sapient global leadership team and report directly to Nigel Vaz, Publicis Groupe lead for digital business transformation and CEO of Publicis.Sapient EMEA and APAC. Ravuri, who has held a succession of senior engineering roles at Amazon in the past, will play a key leadership role in Publicis.Sapient's extensive operations in India. Ravuri will report to Doddapaneni. Both Doddapaneni and Ravuri are Sapient alumni.

The key executive appointments come as Publicis.Sapient expandsits product engineering capability, vital to digital business transformation and the ability to help clients transform their business and create exponential growth, increase efficiency and create better experiences - through the rapid development of products and services that consumers expect in a technology-enabled world.

In his new role, Doddapaneni will lead the entire technology delivery community across Publicis.Sapient globally. In addition to client success and engineering and delivery excellence, he will focus on the talent development, performance metrics, and breakthrough engineering practices required by digital business transformation clients in their modern test and learn environments. In his time at Tesco, Doddapaneni built a modern online engineering team spanning India and the UK, leading it to successfully launch Tesco Direct and Tesco's Marketplace, and rolling out a re-architected Grocery Home Shopping platform in the UK and international markets.

Ravuri, brings a wealth of knowledge in cloud platforms, service design and agile engineering gained as Director of Software Development at Amazon. Ravuri built the engineering team responsible for the software systems for Amazon's new logistics business to launch, delivering millions of packages for its sellers.

Nigel Vaz, CEO of Publicis.Sapient EMEA and APAC, says in a press release, "I'm delighted that Tilak and Rakesh will be joining Publicis.Sapient on our journey to build our engineering capability as part of our product engineering approach to deliver digital business transformation for our clients. Tilak has exceptional pedigree as a senior leader driving transformational change for one of the world's biggest retailers through an appreciation of the power that technology and engineering have, as well as an understanding of how to apply that in the evolution of product and experience. His wealth of experience makes him the right person to lead the implementation of our agile engineering model globally."

He adds, "Rakesh comes to us having recently successfully led the engineering team that developed Amazon delivery, one of the most significant revenue generating businesses for a global technology and retail leader. His experience and talent will be a huge boon to Publicis.Sapient clients and to the growth of our retail industry expertise and large-scale India operations.".

Commenting on his appointment, Doddapaneni, says in a press release, "As someone who is passionate about engineering and running large software systems, I am excited to return to Sapient, which continues to lead the way as a digital transformation company that uniquely combines strategy, experience and engineering disciplines to help clients reimagine and transform their businesses for a digital age. Building a company that has, develops and attracts world-class engineering talent is what has brought me back to Sapient."

Commenting on his appointment, Ravuri, says in a press release, "The industry is at an inflection point and technology has moved from support role to the driver's seat. Sapient is right at the centre of this, with its focus on digital business transformation. I am excited to have a chance to play a leading role in the engineering transformation both for Sapient and its clients."