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Challapalli Fort - History of Yarlagadda Zamindars

Challapalli is a village in Krishna district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Challapalli mandal of Machilipatnam revenue division.

The Rajah of Challapalli, Srimanthu Raja Yaralagadda Ankineedu Prasad Bahadur Garu built this Palace in the early 18th centaury. Then onwards Challapalli became the capital for the Devarkota Estate and the town developed around the palace. It remains as a great example of Andhra architecture to this very day. . The last crowned monarch of Challapalli was Srimanthu Raja Yaralagadda Shivaram Prasad Bahadur Garu (1906-76). As of 2012, the Royal family members no longer reside in the fort.

Yarlagadda Rajas of Challapali fort and Zamindari that ruled this area from 15 century now the kingdom has gone due to land cease act that was kept by the Indian Government but their greatness was in the words of the people in that area .

The Raja of Challapalli (Devarakota) in Krishna district was among the richest of the Rajahs and held the title 'Srimanthu'. At the time of Independence he was leading the list of 'Andhra Pramukhulu' (Prominent people of Andhra).

1.Their ruling used to be from East - Machilipatnam,   West - Gannavaram, South -Krishna river and North - Krishna river as limit

2.In their rule there were totally 66 towns, 32 villages and 2 Aagraharams

3.Yarlagadda dynasty starts with Raja Yarlagadda Gurveneedu from 1576 -1596 following him Tirumalaneedu, Gangineedu, Kanchineedu and Naganna

4. The famous Emperor was Raja Yarlagadda Ankeeneedu ruled from 1710-1723 who had good respect in the people

5. Later in 1746 Raja Yarlagadda Kodandarammana Bahadur came to rule made construction of most of the temples,use to encourage the all the other activities

6. Raja Yarlagadda Venkata Ramana Bahadur came to rule in 1791 and died in 1 year his son Ankeeneedu Bahadur came to rule from 1798-1819

7. In 1928 Srimanthu Raja Yarlagadda Ankeeneedu Prasad bahadur died. Following him his son Srimanthu Raja Yarlagadda Sivaram Prasad Bahadur made a lot of  development tot his challapalli Zamindari he is last king to rule the  Challapalli Zamindari
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