Saturday, July 7, 2018

WWP Champion Prince Daryl Naidu is focused to conquer wrestling promotions in India

South African wrestling star Prince Daryl Nightmare Naidu has set his eyes on India starting from Hyderabad where he is on a quest to defeat anyone who steps on his way.

Naidu has gained popularity in India since 2009, where he was a part of a TV show under the name Daryl ‘Nightmare’ Naidu for Colors TV named 100% De Dana Dan aired by World Wrestling Professionals a wrestling promotion based in South Africa. The show was based on a story-line where South African wrestlers faced Indian wrestlers. During his time in India, he faced many Indian wrestlers including Sangram Singh.
After the show in India, he continued to wrestle for WWP promotion in SA where he faced many wrestlers and defeated them. During his time in South Africa, he was one-time WWP (World Wrestling Professionals) Hardcore Championship. He has gained popularity with the kids to which he says, “I don’t know if it’s my intimidating looks or the good work I do but kids look up to me.”

He had almost defeated all the wrestlers who stepped in his way. Almost nearly after nine years, Naidu is set to make a comeback in India where he will be facing many wrestlers.

As a fan, we would love to see Naidu squaring in the ring with The Great Khali who is currently in India and will be having a separate event in Rajasthan at the same time.

The wrestling event which will be held in Hyderabad on the 2nd week of July which is organised by Daryl ‘Nightmare’ Naidu, where he is all set to get two big ECW Originals for a wrestling show.

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