Monday, July 9, 2018

Padma Shri Myneni Hari Prasad Rao, Architect of the Kalpakam Atomic Power Station

Myneni Hariprasada Rao, aka MHP Rao, (21 July 1927 - 5 April 2016) was born in Edlalanka village near Avanigadda, Krishna dist – AP is a retired Director of the Nuclear Power Board (now known as NPCL) of DAE, Mumbai, India. He has served for many years as a member of Southern, Western and Northern Indian Regional electricity boards. He was specially appointed by the then Nuclear Power Board to oversee the construction and commissioning of the MAP. He is praised by many as "The Father" or "Architect" of Madras Atomic Power Station.

MHP Rao has a master's degree in Power Systems Engineering from Illinois Institute of technology. He has authored many articles and research papers.

He was a recipient of Padma Shri Award in 1984 for his outstanding contributions in the field of Science and Technology. He also conferred with Sanjay Gandhi Award for contribution in Science and Technology in 1983.

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