Thursday, June 7, 2018

Laasya Chigurupati bags second world record after mastering 85 piano songs aged FOUR

A FOUR-year-old Laasya Chigurupat has scooped her second world record in eight months after memorising 85 songs and playing them on the piano in just 35 minutes.

Little Laasya Chigurupati (above) collected her world-beating gong in March this year after the young pre-schooler wowed audiences.

Her first world record was claimed for playing 50 xylophone songs in under 25 minutes in October last year.

Now she has mastered the same tunes on a mini piano by adding to her song collection — and she only started attending school last September.

Proud parents Jithender Chigurupati, 34, and Aparna Chodagam, 33, who are both originally from India, became convinced there is no end to their daughter’s extraordinary abilities.

Jithender said: ‘She has made us so proud, obviously.

‘She is very talented at memorising things and she’s especially very good with her general knowledge questions and Sanskrit poems which she started learning from the age of two and a half.

‘The first song she played on her xylophone was the ABC song and then at the age of three she actually performed in front of her nursery by playing four nursery rhymes.

‘At the age of three, she stunned us by playing an extraordinary 52 tunes on her xylophone.’
The child prodigy, from Leeds, managed to play Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on xylophone after listening to the tunes just a handful of times.

Jithender contacted world record agencies who awarded her ‘youngest xylophone player to play 52 songs in 25 minutes by memory’ in October 2017.

But after a little bit of practice by her mother Aparna, Laasya began transferring her songs from xylophone to piano in March this year.

It took Laasya just three weeks to learn the same songs – and add 33 more to her showcase.

Laasya received her award one for the tunes she played on piano following a critical response from world record officers.

Her talent has also been recognised by Britain’s prestigious Delta Academies Trust and the ‘musical princess’ received a scholarship.

Jithender, a project manager at William Hill, said: ‘Seeing our daughter happy is one of the best things of our life.

‘No matter how old she is, she will still always be our baby girl.

‘We are so proud of her achievements at her tender age. We take immense pride when we are called “Laasya’s parents”.

‘We will always be there to support you for eternity, our lovely angel Laasya.’

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