Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Meghana Bollimpalli won the Young Scientist Award in the Intel ISEF 2018

Meghana Chowdary Bollimpalli of Little Rock Central High School was named a grand prize winner in the Intel International Science and Engineering fair.

She won the Young Scientist Award and $50,000, plus $1,000 for her school. 

Meghana Bollimpalli, 17, of Little Rock, Arkansas, received one of two Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards of $50,000 for her novel, low-cost approach for synthesizing materials that could greatly cut the production and energy costs of making electrodes for devices like super capacitors. She found that combining common substances like tea and molasses with nitrogen and phosphorus in a commercial microwave formed a powder that could be used as a coating for electrode-like materials giving them similar properties of more expensive metals like platinum.

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