Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kamma High court and Supreme court Judges Past and Present

1) Justice Ramineni Kousalendra Rao: Advocate General Nagapur Hight court 1946 and Judge Madhya Pradesh High Court1949.

2) Justice K. Veeraswamy: Chief Justice Madras High Court

3) Justice A Alagiri Swamy: Judge Madras High court and Judge Supreme Court

4) Justice V.Ramaswamy: Judge Madras High Court and Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court and Judge Supreme Court

5) Justice G Ramanujam: Judge Madras High Court

6) Justice Davuluri Munikannaiah: Judge AP High Court

7) Justice Avula. Sambasiva Rao: Judge and Chief Justice of AP High Court

8) Justice Challa. Kondaiah: Judge and Chief Justice of AP High Court

9) Justice Konamaneni Amareswari: Judge AP High Court

10) Justice P.A.Choudary: Judge AP High Court

11) Justice Polavarapu. Rama Rao: Judge AP High Court

12) Justice A.V. Krishna Rao: Judge AP High Court

13) Justice Chintamaneni.S.R.K. Prasad: Judge AP High Court

14) Justice Gogineni. Radhakrishna Rao: Judge AP High Court

15) Justice Jasti Chelameswar: Judge AP High Court, Chief Justice Guwahati High Court and Kerala High Court, Judge Supreme Court (Sitting)

16) Justice Jasti.Eswara Prasad: Judge AP High Court

17) Justice Sunkavill. Parvatha Rao: Judge AP High Court

18) Justice Hanumanthu: Judge AP High Court

19) Justice Thotakura RangaRao Judge AP High Court

20) Justice Pemmasani Sankara Narayana: Judge AP High Court

21) Justice Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana: Judge AP High Court, Chief Justic Delhi High Court, Judge Supreme Court (Sitting)

22) Justice Challa Kodanda Ram: Judge AP High Court (Sitting)

23) Justice Dama Seshadri Naidu: Judge AP High Court (Sitting)

24) Talluri Sunil Chowdary: Judge AP High Court (Sitting)

25) Kongara Vijaya Lakshmi: Judge AP High Court (Sitting)

26) Justice D. Raju: Judge Madras High Court, Cheif Justice Himachal Pradesh High Court , Judge Supreme Court

27) Justice E. Padmanabhan: Judge Madras High Court

28) Justice K. MohanRam: Judge Madras High Court

29) Justice K. Venkataswamy: Judge Madras High Court, Judge Supreme Court.

30) Justice K. Govindarajan: Judge Madras High Court

31) Justice S. Sethraman: Judge Madras High Court.

32) Justice R. Mala: Judge Madras High Court 

33) Justice B Gokuldas:  Judge Madras High Court 

34) Lavu Nageswara Rao: Judge Supreme Court (SittingAdditional Solicitor General in the Supreme Court of India (Past)

35) Padma Bhushan Patibandla Chandra Sekhara Rao: Judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

** Ellinti Manohar: Advocate General Government of Andhra Pradesh (Past)

** Dammalapati Srinivas: Advocate General Government of Andhra Pradesh (Present)
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