Friday, February 12, 2016

Pradeep Karuturi: The man in the needy hour

Having been part of several social initiatives in the past, Pradeep Karuturi is now among 100 global representatives to lead a climate-awareness campaign in the Antarctic

An inclination towards social causes is very rare and surprising for a 23-year-old; yet Pradeep Karuturi is just that sort of youngster. After graduating from RVR, JC College of Engineering in Guntur, he took up an MNC job only to quit it upon realising that his ultimate goal is to impact lives and serve people. During and after his engineering days, he’d done projects on improving the education system, had communicated with the Uttarakhand Government to ensure relief measures in the wake of the disastrous 2013-floods, besides doing his bit to help people during the Hudhud cyclone in Vizag and the Nepal earthquake. And now, he’s among the privileged 100 representatives from 35 countries as part of a climate-change campaign organised by International Antarctic Expediton (IAE) led by environmentalist, United Nations Goodwill ambassador Sir Robert Swan (also the first person to have travelled to both the north and south poles).

“I owe a part of my initiative to the Kerala-based NGO Rasta that was doing pathbreaking work to promote the use of natural resources like clay, bamboo as part of their climate-specific campaign. When people from the villages are so aware of it, I, having resided in several cities through my life, felt more responsible to contribute to it,” the Rajamundry-born Pradeep talks of the reason that drove him towards the cause.

Most of the initiatives that he’d taken up have involved work on the ground level and generating awareness. With regard to the Expedition, he simply tried his luck with an application, realising that his past profile would definitely interest the organisers. “I wanted to give my best, as I knew the opportunity was a rare one,” he adds.

Pradeep elaborates, “The Antarctic treaty in 1991, that had the region being labelled as a special conservation area, prevented countries from mining riches in order to preserve its natural heritage. Our effort is to make sure the treaty that ends in 2041 doesn’t get amended for any reason. The several glaciers melting in the region will see a rise in the seal-level. I feel things related to the environment are something everyone ought to take note of.” This campaign will also see the world’s first educational base being set up in Antarctica, followed by a video interaction with students from universities all over the world and that ‘they need to wake up’.

How can you help him?

- Sponsor his initiative

- Contact him at

What will he do in return?

- Wave flags of the sponsoring company/individual as part of the campaign

- Represent you/your organisation and contribute towards climate-awareness initiatives

- Hold talks on climate cause, environment in schools, foundations

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