Monday, September 7, 2015

Tech Guru: Raja Koduri

The Telugu makers of the epic Indian fantasy film Baahubali knew that they would need the most modern technologies and tonnes of processing power. To that effect they found another Telugu man who could bring their dreams of massive computers to life. Raja Koduri, corporate vice-president of Visual Computing at AMD, made Baahubali possible from behind the screens and who is making the Virtual Reality experience of the film possible on VR headsets like Oculus Rift. Koduri has a Master of Technology degree from IIT Kharagpur and started his career at S3 Inc. As AMD’s chief technology officer of Graphics Product Group  and as a director of the Advanced Technology Development, Koduri is credited with making the company a worldwide leader in graphics products. He left AMD in 2009 to join Apple to lead their Graphics Architecture team as a Director and helped the company develop very efficient graphics chips Now back at AMD, he is spearheading the company in becoming a major player in the Virtual Reality revolution.
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