Thursday, September 24, 2015

Divi Murali in Forbes India's 100 Richest People list

Divi Murali Krishna ranked #42 in Forbes India's 100 Richest People with $2.4 Billion net worth. He ranked #1044 in The World's Billionaires ($1.85) list 2015. His net worth increased by $0.55 Billion in the recent days.

U.S.-educated chemist Murali Divi founded generics maker Divi's Laboratories 25 years ago. Shares of the $472 million (revenues) company are up 22% from last year, buoyed partly by a 45% spurt in net profits in a recent quarter to $26 million. Divi, whose factory was hit by a cyclone last year, has decided to invest $75 million in a new factory to "de-risk our business," he says. Divi enjoys horticulture and grows his own orchids.

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