Monday, June 1, 2015

Kamantha Naidu: Finalist Miss World Canada - 2015

Blessed with both beauty and intelligence, this international bombshell is received a Miss World Canada 2015 TOP FITNESS award. Born in South Africa of South Asian heritage and raised in both Canada and Australia, Kamantha Naidoo is as diverse and cultured as they come. With a comprehensive academic and career background in psychology, education (teaching), and fitness, it is not surprising that she is determined to make a difference in our society.

While growing up she tragically lost many relatives due to lifestyle-related illnesses and believes her purpose is to change this societal trend. As a dedicated educator and psychotherapist, she recently established her brand ‘The Health Babe’, practicing Life Coaching and Fitness Training. Kamantha challenges her clients to make life choices that lead to improved health, realizing their purpose, and achieving their dreams. A strong advocate for women’s rights, she also co-founded ‘Wild Horses’, a global platform that raises awareness about domestic violence and encourages women to love and empower themselves.

With over a decade of credits in film-work and TV hosting, Kamantha has even interviewed legacies such as Ela Gandhi.

As a Miss World Canada finalist, Kamantha is devoted to being a face of inspiration and positive change.
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