Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shriya Yarlagadda, first runner up National Geographic Bee - US 2015

WASHINGTON D.C: Shriya Yarlagadda a 11-year-old Indian-American student , stood second in the prestigious National Geographic Bee competition in the US, in which the top three positions were bagged by Indian-origin contestants.

The first-runner up and recipient of a USD 25,000 college scholarship was 11-year-old Shriya Yarlagadda of Michigan. Yarlagadda missed just the first question: "Mariupol, a city located at the mouth of the Kalmius River, is located on what sea that is an arm of the Black Sea?" The correct answer was Sea of Azov.

The championship round from the Washington Plaza Hotel will air on the National Geographic Channel at 7 PM. CDT on Friday and again on Nat Geo WILD at 6 PM. CDT on May 20.

The 54 finalists represented the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Atlantic Territories, Pacific Territories and Department of Defence dependants schools. Nearly 4 million youngsters began the effort to reach the national competition.
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