Sunday, March 29, 2015

World Chess: 2 Kamma girls Harika in Semi Final, Humpy Forced Into Tiebreaker

Harika moves a step closer to the championship

Donavalli Harika locked horns with Georgia’s Meri Arabidze in the quarter finals. The first game saw some to and fro action but Harika remained composed throughout the game. After a lengthy battle, both players decided to end the game in a draw and share a point.

The second game started off from where the first ended. It was a balanced affair throughout and it was almost destined to be another draw. However, Harika managed to steal one from the clutches of a draw in the 95th move. This is Harika’s second straight semi – final in the tournament and she will face the winner of Koneru Humpy vs. Mariya Muzychuk match next.

Koneru Humpy pushed to tiebreaker
Top seed Koneru Humpy was forced into a tiebreaker in the quarter finals by Mariya Muzychuk of Ukraine. Mariya broke the unbeaten run of Humpy in the first game of the quarter finals when she snatched a victory.

Humpy was under some immense pressure in the second game but lived up to expectations by wining it comfortably. It took her 62 moves to finish the game, which has now been pushed into a tiebreaker. Both players will now play two rapid games with 25 minutes each and will be forced to play an Armageddon game if the match is still in a dead lock after the rapid games.
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