Friday, October 31, 2014

Kulasagara Subrayalu Sekar Naidu: Former Member of Parliament, Mauritius

Mr. Kulasagara Subrayalu Sekar Naidu was a former MP (Members of National Assembly) of Mauritius. Sekar Naidu is Member of the Mouvement Socialiste Mauricien (MSM). Elected 3rd Member for Beau Bassin and Petite Riviere (Constituency No. 20) on 3rd July 2005 under the banner of the MSM,MMM-MSM-PMSD Alliance,  He acted as Member of Parliament  from 12 July 2005 to 31 March 2010.

He was Born on 12 April 1958 and did his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering now working as Commercial Manager at Total Mauritius Ltd., His parents were migrated to Mauritius from Tamilnadu belongs to Kammavar Naidu caste.

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