Sunday, April 6, 2014

Antarctic trench named after Prasad Gogineni

You'll probably never visit it, but a trench under nearly two miles of ice in Antarctica has been named after a Kansas University professor and head of a center devoted to studying the consequences of climate change.

The U.S. Board of Geographic Names recently named the "Gogineni Subglacial Trench" after Prasad Gogineni, a Kansas University distinguished professor of electrical engineering and computer science.

Gogineni directs the KU-based Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets, or CReSIS, an international organization funded by the National Science Foundation and tasked with predicting the effects of melting glaciers on the planet's sea levels.

Much of the center's work involves developing radar technology to study glacial features and computer models to anticipate melting patterns.

Gogineni's research helped in discovering and describing the characteristics of the trench named after him. The trench is hidden under the Byrd Glacier in the Victoria Land region of Antarctica, not far from the Darwin Mountains and the Queen Elizabeth Mountain Range
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