Monday, January 20, 2014

Amara Raja's World's Largest Integrated VRLA Plant Coming up at Chittoor

Extending its business base in the district, Amara Raja Batteries Limited group, belonging to the Galla family, announced its expansion by launching the world’s largest integrated medium VRLA plant at Nunegundlapalli near Chittoor on Sunday.
The first factory in the 500 acre land, set up with an outlay of `350 crore, was inaugurated here on Sunday. With an employment generation capacity of 1,500 in the first plant, the plant can manufacture 3.5 million UPS batteries every year, ARBL managing director Galla Ramachandra Naidu said.
“The second plant is under construction and two more plants--one for tubular and other for plastic--will soon commence operations. The second unit, with an outlay of `350 crore, would provide jobs to another 1,500 people,” he said.
Emphasising that the company will focus on employment generation, Ramachandra Naidu said, “Chittoor is enveloped with barren hills. There is no agriculture and only industries here are dairy and poultry. For the economic growth of the district, industries are the only option and we are providing them.’’
Ramachandra Naidu said after the completion of all the plants, the company will provide jobs to as many as 20,000 persons.
Speaking on the occasion, ABRL vice-chairman and managing director Galla Jayadev said the UPS batteries cater to the need of industries and can be used domestically too.
He said Chittoor is a strategic location for development of industries. “Every one thinks that Chittoor is not viable as it is far off from the capital, Hyderabad. But, it is a strategic location as it is located three hours away from Chennai and Bangalore,’’ he said.
Jayadev said economic development will increase commercial activity at the place and also nearby towns. “Thanks to our Karakambadi plant, which is providing employment to 17,000 persons, the local economy increased by 30 per cent in Tirupati. Similarly, with a potential of 30,000 here, Chittoor town and nearby villages will develop,’’ he said.
On their future plans, Jayadev said though they have not yet finalised, they are going to invest in other districts including in coastal Andhra and Telangana.
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