Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr.Rana Yarlagadda: 2nd runner up Mr.USA and Finalist Mr.International (1953)

This competition began in 1920, the same year that Miss USA began.
The winner of this pageant will go on to represent the US in the MR UNIVERSE pageant and is the national titleholder and the official most handsome man in the United States.
1. David Smith -- Texas
2. Trevor Washington -- Utah

3. Rana Yarlagadda -- Indiana


This international pageant formed in 1950 on the idea of Japan organizers who felt that the 2nd runner ups in national pageants should also have the right and chance to represent their nations in an pageant. Thus Mr International was born.

90 men from around the world converge annually to Japan to compete for this title.
This pageant is the 3rd and last of the Big Three titles of pageantry:

MR UNIVERSE and Mr World were the other two, but Mr INTERNATIONAL, though prestigious, were much less in stature than MR World and not comparable to Mr UNIVERSE.

The duites of the titleholders were year round, but not as heavy extensive like Mr UNIVERSE or Mr WORLD , but roughly half of their duites were in the South-East Asian countries and Eastern Europe.


1.Tatsuya Sawamatsu——Japan
2.Tomas Comenzar——Spain
3.Alberto Beninghi——Italy


4.Rana Yarlagadda——United States
5.Wayne Collins——New Zealand

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