Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pedalling for a purpose

What better way to spread environmental awareness than on a cycle?

What could be motivating 10-year-old-Akshitha M, a Std. V student of Obul Reddy School, to cycle on Necklace Road carrying a slogan that reads “plant more trees”? Young Akshitha joined on the last leg of the 25 km “Cycling for Humanity” (CFH) ride, from JNTU, Kukatpally to Necklace Road, organised by Manavata. Manavata is a worldwide NGO founded in 1991 with the mission to create and promote a Healthy, Happy, Harmonious (3H) World. Towards this end Manavata organises rides for all age groups in different parts of the globe to inspire people to adopt simple living and care for the environment. With placards carrying messages on global warming, unemployment, corruption and drug addictions displayed on their cycles, participants pedalled with the purpose of educating people along the way. These messages are aimed to get people to think about the root cause of today's problems and how each one can be part of the solution.

Meeting people:
Alluri Srinivas Chowdary, founder president, Manavata completed 11,350 km from London to Delhi as part of CFH 2011. “I have cycled through many countries, met interesting people, faced harsh weather and terrain. Our aim is to build a better society by inspiring young people to be self reliant and responsible citizens.”

Of late, cycling has witnessed a revolution of sorts seen as a winner from the fitness angle, ideal, pollution free transport and even as a fun group activity. Cycling clubs have mushroomed in many cities and one often sees groups in cycling gear pedalling away in the wee hours of the morning. The possibility of renting cycles by the hour too has contributed to easy access to this sport.

You could in fact ride your way to your school, music class or the market for errands, provided you are equipped with the helmet and other essential gear. Add a basket to your bike to keep your lunch box and water bottle and there you go. At a time when there is hardly any time for games, with examination, home work, tutions and extra classes, plus the addictive television channels, cycling ensures you have your daily aerobic exercise too. So, pedal today for a healthy tomorrow!
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