Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shashi Naidoo: The Sexiest Woman in the World

Shashi Naidoo has beaten global beauties to the FHM sexiest woman in the world title.

Port Elizabeth-born Shashi Naidoo, topped the Hot 100 list ahead of the likes of Angelina Jolie, pop singers Christina Aguilera and Cheryl Cole, South African models Roxy Louw and Lee-Ann Liebenberg.

Naidoo has been a cover girl for FHM magazine twice before.

Shashi Naidoo received an SMS from the magazine’s editor, Hagen Engler. It was such a surprise, she had to read the message four times before it sank in.

“I was told earlier that I was doing well, but I definitely didn’t expect it,” she said. But it appears the readers of FHM have a soft spot for the 30-year-old, who famously posed nude save for a well-placed leaf in an issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Last year, Naidoo was voted fourth, a position she held the year before. Two years before that, she came in 16th. “I have been climbing up slowly like a choo choo train,” she laughed.

This time around, Naidoo didn’t expect to do well. “I have no idea why they voted for me. I haven’t been that active as a model and I am now married.”

However, Naidoo has kept herself in the public eye. She is an ambassador for Audi A1, has had some appearances on local TV and is running her own modelling agency, Alushi Model Management.

The agency is her future, says Naidoo, so it could be that the readers of FHM and other glossy magazines might be seeing less of her clad in skimpy bikinis or another shoot, where she was wearing nothing at all.

There will be the FHM shoot in the coming weeks to honour her becoming the Sexiest Woman in the World, she says.
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