Monday, March 28, 2011

Dr. Srikanth Cherukuri develops high-quality and low-cost hearing aid

Chicago: Hearing impairment is a very common ailment. In milder cases, the impairment goes unnoticed. But continuous neglect of hearing impairment leads to serious hearing loss. Hearing loss, if remains untreated, progressively increases. Surgery is one option, but not for most cases of age-related hearing loss. Also in some cases of hearing loss, a surgery cannot be performed. That is why doctors recommend the use of hearing aid if a person is diagnosed with hearing loss. Because of the high cost of hearing aids prevailing in the market, most patients with hearing impairment do not buy them and suffer silently.

But now there is a hope for such patients. Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, a Chicago-based otolaryngologist, who is an expert in treating hearing loss, has created a very high- quality and sensitive hearing aid with an affordable cost that has raised hope for all middle and low-income patients with hearing loss.

In an interview Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, who is an expert in treating ear, nose and throat ailments, says that he has come across many patients, who are hard of hearing, also hard of buying a hearing aid. “I feel, as a physician, I want all my patients to be able to get the best treatment. While rich patients could buy their hearing aids, after being diagnosed for hearing loss, some poor and middle class patients still remained without being fitted with hearing aids because of their high price tags. I used to feel sorry for them. Such a situation is painful for me. Some inexpensive ones that are available in the market are not efficient and not worth the cost.” Therefore, he says, he has researched for several years and created a very high quality hearing aid that could be affordable by all low and middle income groups. At less than $200 per piece, he says that his MDHearing Aid is of high quality and affordable.

To help every patient — whether one is rich or poor — with hearing impairment, he created a high-quality hearing aid — Acoustitone PRO — and floated a company called. MDHearing Aid.

The MDHearing Aid devices are designed to provide the millions of people with hearing difficulty, a low-cost alternative to expensive hearing aids. They are among the very few FDA-registered and cleared medical-grade hearing aids below $200. They have been extensively evaluated by several board-certified Otologists and audiologists, including faculty at the Michigan Ear Institute and Henry Ford Health System, who feel that the sound quality is remarkable given the low cost.

Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri says Acoustitone PRO hearing aid sits comfortably and is hidden behind the ear. It comes with various sized ear tips so it can fit most ears. And if a more personal fit is required or desired, the Acoustitone PRO hearing aid can be fit with a custom ear mold. While the battery life of expensive hearing aids is limited to a couple of days, the battery life of Acoustitone PRO hearing aid is very long covering more than three weeks. “A pack of 10 batteries at an approximate cost about $10 can cover almost a year.

For customer service and for customer satisfaction, he says, Acoustitone PRO hearing aid will be replaced or a refund will be provided if a patient does not think it is the best hearing aid under $200. The Acoustitone PRO hearing aid comes with a detailed manual.

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