Tuesday, January 18, 2011

India's marathon couple: Around the world in 365 days

Hyderabad: Talk about going that extra mile. A couple in Hyderabad decided to do just that and ended up running around the world in 2010.

Bored of running in marathons in cities, Uma Chigurupati and Krishna Prasad Chigurupati decided to explore the world and finally rounded up their journey in Antarctica, thus becoming the first Indians to complete marathon runs across seven continents in the same calendar year.

Uma Chigurupati, Managing Director, Krishna Estates said, "When we came to know that Antarctica run is in December, we thought of doing all the other runs before that in this calendar year itself."

Uma and Prasad rate Antarctica as the final frontier but say Africa was no less a challenge where they ran with the animals.

Summing up the experience at Antarctica, Krishna Prasad, Managing Director, Granules India said, "As far as the vision goes in Antarctica, there is no one to be seen. One wrong step and you could fall into a crevice. That feeling was scary."

The adventure was also not without its lighter moments.

Prasad said, "My wife doing better than me and disappearing was a funny moment. I couldn't even see her after some time. I was wondering how I am lagging behind so much."

Prasad is hoping to make up when he and Uma run the North Pole marathon in April. That will make them the first Indians and the first couple to run there.
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