Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Kamma Naidu beauties vie for Miss SA title

For the first time, two Indian women are vying for the most sought-after beauty title in the land.

Kiasha Naidoo and Sandhya Naidoo are among 12 finalists who will participate in the Miss South Africa pageant at the Sun City Superbowl next Sunday.

Kaisha Naidoo, 22, of Kempton Park, said she was excited but also nervous. Naidoo, who is completing a BCom degree in marketing, started modelling a year ago and was encouraged earlier this year by former Miss SA, Megan Coleman, to enter the pageant.

"It's every little girl's dream to be Miss SA. I had put it off until this push by Megan. This will be my first pageant. We have met so many interesting people. It is not the end of the road even if I don't win.

"I am looking at everything with a positive attitude although I am nervous about the question-and-answer segment. But I think if we answer from our heart and be ourselves, it should be fine."

She said if she won she would like to be the best ambassador not just for the country but for South African Indians as well.

"The fact that there are three Indians in the competition is a reason to celebrate that we are part of the broader community," she said.

Sandhya Naidoo, 21, a final-year, business-science law student at the University of Cape Town, said they had made history with the most number of Indians in the finals.

Naidoo, who was a runner-up in Miss SA Teen in 2005, said she believed this year was most appropriate for her to enter as she was completing her studies.

She said coming from a legal background she would like to hold workshops with communities to inform them of their rights, should she be crowned Miss SA.
"The experience has been fantastic and the girls are so amazing," she said.
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