Sunday, September 26, 2010

Naveen Ramineni: Scipt writer "Back Stabber" movie

It began with a dagger made of volcanic stone in Mexico, and ends with an alligator cruising a pond in Conroe.

Naveen Ramineni, a physician in The Woodlands, was visiting the Mayan pyramids in Mexico three years ago when he spotted small dagger-like tools at a roadside stand."I thought it would be a cool envelope-opener," Ramineni said. "So I bought it. Then I thought, wouldn't it be cool if someone bought an envelope-opener from Mexico and used it as a killing weapon? I built the story from there."
Indeed he did, and it's called " Backstabber".Ramineni wrote it as a screenplay.

A group of employees are sent to an island for team building," Ramineni said. "The island is run by a company who puts the employees through extreme teambuilding activities that are out of the norm, like in one scene they have to cross the pond on a small plank, and in the pond is an alligator. Things like that.

"When people start disappearing, the others wonder if it's part of the extreme teambuilding activities, or if it's the work of never mind, Ramineni said.

You'll just have to see the movie.

Ramineni fell in love with movies in 1977, when, as a young lad, he watched Star Wars. "I could barely stay awake to watch it, but seeing it on the screen blew me away," Ramineni said. "I just knew I wanted to tell stories like that someday.

"Ramineni, a Houston resident, began writing screenplays in 2001, but they were either comedies or in some way related to sports. One such screenplay was purchased but never made into a movie.

"I was going to L.A. every now and then to try and get things sold," Ramineni said. "Nothing ever happened. Finally I decided to try a horror movie."It worked.

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