Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dr N Varaprasad: CEO - National Library Board Singapore

Dr N Varaprasad
CEO National Library Board

Dr N Varaprasad has made many significant contributions to public service and education in Singapore. After 13 years teaching Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Singapore, he moved to educational administration and leadership positions. His 11 years, from April 1990 to 2001, as Principal/CEO of Temasek Polytechnic where he founded and built the institution to a major institution of13,000 students with a reputation for innovative teaching and progressive educational methods is noteworthy. The vibrant, creative and student-friendly atmosphere that characterize Temasek Polytechnic are attributed to his strong leadership.
Upon leaving the polytechnic, Prasad was appointed as the Deputy President of the National University of Singapore in Dec 2001, overseeing the corporate cluster of departments, such as the library, computer centre, student matters, occupational health and safety, quality management, arts and culture.

On 15 Sep 2004, he joined the National Library Board as its Chief Executive. The National Library Board is recognised world-wide for its innovations in delivering a world-class library system for Singapore. Within nine months he published the Library 2010 strategic plan for the NLB, laying out the directions for the next five critical years. He has also made corporate governance a key platform of his leadership.

Prasad also serves on the Boards of the Civil Service College, the Health Promotion Board, and the SIA Engineering Co Ltd. as well as other public and charitable organizations.

Dr Varaprasad has also published many of his research papers on urban transport planning and methodology in prominent scholarly journals and books. More recently he has given invited presentations on the future of public and national libraries and organizational excellence at various conferences.

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