Friday, July 31, 2009

2008 Woomer Award Winner, Murali Gadde

2008 Woomer Award Winner, Murali Mohan Gadde
Murali M. Gadde is a senior engineer with Peabody Energy located in Saint Louis, MO. As the lead ground control specialist, Murali assists Peabody surface and underground operations with any type of ground control issue. Mr. Gadde has worked on a total of over 150 projects, which included several major research topics. Mr. Gadde has done extensive research on coal mine explosions and mine seal designs and made several original contributions. He has also made several important contributions to ground control research on topics like in-situ stresses, cutter roof failures, rock failure criteria, support design, weak floor stability and several others. So far,
he has published 21 technical papers in international journals, conference proceedings and workshops, and
was recently awarded SME’s 2008 Woomer Award given to young professionals for “significant contributions to the advancement of coal mining.”
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