Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yuva Garjana 'Super Hit'

NTR PRANGANAM (GUNTUR): It was a sea of people at the Yuva Garjana venue with the event receiving an overwhelming response to the call given by the party to youth to come to the meeting to provide it an impetus to get back to power in the 2009 Assembly elections.

On Wednesday every possible road leading to Acharya Nagarjuna University on the National Highway No.5 was packed with people and vehicles.

People lustily cheered every dialogue of Telugu Desam Party leaders with the mention of Junior NTR by Nandamuri Harikrishna receiving the maximum claps.

Festive mood
A festive mood prevailed at the venue from last night and families in large numbers made a beeline to the venue till 11 a.m. on Wednesday. More than 20 trains stopped at Nagarjuna Nagar railway station that was non-functional for the regular train traffic.

While the organisers did not want the trains to stop here, the Railway authoriries found it convenient and time saving to stop them at the station 500 metres from the venue.

The organisers and police feared security problems, but a large contingent was posted on the road leading to ANU main gate from the railway station to streamline the movement of people before reaching the venue.

Every possible place around the venue was occupied with people from all over the State and neighbouring States. Bible Mission building adjoining the venue, tall trees, lorries, high-rise scaffoldings built for cut-outs were fully occupied by Balakrishna fans and Telugu Desam Party sympathisers.

Such was the surge of vehicles from Vijayawada and Guntur side that traffic got jammed up to 30 km from the venue on both sides of the National Highway.

The narrow Roads & Buildings roads leading to Amaravathi, Tadikonda, Nandivelugu and Nambur and Tenali were also full of vehicles and people walked more than two km to reach the venue.

An hour-long bursting of crackers was received well by the public and to the organisers’ surprise not many left the venue even while the last speaker in the form of Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu was making announcements. His promise of providing loans at 10 paise interest and Rs. 50,000 crore package for youth got the highest cheers.

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