Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the First Time, Hi5 on Vodafone Live!

The popular international social networking site is partnering with Vodafone Espana to offer its services on mobile devices through Vodafone live!

SAN FRANCISCO and MADRID, Spain, Oct. 20 - Vodafone Spainrecently announced that all users of hi5 (Ruamu Yalamanchi Founder, CEO), one of the largest and fastest-growing networks in the world, will be able to access the site from theirmobile phones through Vodafone live!

The well-known international networking site is now available for cellphones in 33 different languages. hi5 Mobile is thus setting a newprecedent for the internationalization of the Internet via cell phones, andis allowing the millions of users who mainly use mobile devices, instead ofa PC, to stay connected with their friends, family and colleagues.Available languages include not just Spanish, but Catalan as well. Inaddition, thanks to the new translations tool available to hi5 users, thetranslation into Galician is being completed and more languages will beadded before year's end.

Thanks to hi5 Mobile, Vodafone live! users in Spain can send andreceive messages with great ease, report on what they are doing minute byminute, browse their friends' profiles, share photos, see who's online andadd new friends. Vodafone users will be able to access hi5 in the Vodafonelive! community section that is dedicated to the individual user, wherehe/she can chat, make new friends, find a mate, create and update blogsfree of charge, etc. hi5 mobile service is free for all Vodafone live!customers.

"Cell phone use represents a fantastic opportunity to establish socialrelationships, especially through specialized partners such as Vodafonelive!," states Ramu Yalamanchi, CEO of hi5. "We are providing users withtools to get connected and share information with their entire hi5 networkfrom almost anywhere around the world. In addition, as the number of userswho access hi5 via a cell phone increases, so will the opportunity to carryout localization-based advertising campaigns."

"The cell phone has become the main means of communication for thegreat majority of our users, especially in countries such as Spain, and assuch, it is a fundamental component in the company's strategy," adds NoeliaAmoedo, Vice President of hi5 Mobile.

"With this partnering agreement, we continue to be leaders in terms ofmobile Internet integration, giving our customers the possibility ofstaying in contact with their friends just as they do on a computer," saysJavier Gascon, in charge of Mobile Internet of Vodafone Espana. "Bylaunching hi5, we're offering the market the advantage of mobility and weare certain that this new service will be met with great acceptance."
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