Monday, June 23, 2008

'Ready' big hit heros Ram, Srinu Vytla, Pothineni Ravi Kishore

The tagline of the film 'Ready' is 'Deenikaina'. Ram and Genelia are the lead pair. Sreenu Vytla who gave two big hits with 'Dhee' and 'Dubai Seenu' is the director. Star producer Pothineni (Sravanthi) Ravi Kishore made the film. Ram has just two films 'Devadas' and 'Jagadam' to his credit so far but he has already acquired the image of a good and stylish actor.

Story :
Chandu (Ram) is from a big joint family of RS Brothers.he is fresh out of college and falls in love with a girl(none other than heroine) who is passing in a Vehicle. Pooja(Genelia) is the only daughter of NRI Chalasani Prasad (Naga babu). She returns to India after the sudden death of her parents in an accident.Her Uncles( Kota Srinivasarao, Jayaprakash Reddy) are factionists and has a rivalry to each other .They had eye on Pooja's Rs.100Crore property and want her to marry their only sons.Chandu's friend Google Gopi (Ravi Varma) is in deep love with a girl who is about to marry and Chandu want to unite the lovers.Instead of Gopi's lover ,Chandu kidnaps Pooja.Chandu takes her to his home and gradually she falls in love with him.Her uncle Pedhinaidu(Kota Srinivasarao) finds her and takes her back to Bellary.How Chandu gets his dream girl forms rest of the story.

What any one expects from a Srinu Vytla's film? Good Comedy!right? Ready has loads of it .Srinu Vytla this times comes with a fully loaded Family entertainer in the lines of Ninne Pelladatha & DDLJ. He has a good script and great lineup of actors(Ram, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota..and the list goes on) and the result is you expected. Though there isn't much story the screenplay(Gopi Mohan,Kona Venkat) is very good,So are the dialogues(Kona Venkat). Ram performed with ease,Genelia looks pretty.Brahmanandam steals the show as McDowell Murthy. Technicalities ( Camera - Prasad Murella,Editing - MR Varma) are adequate.

Public Talk : Good Movie
Industry Talk: Hit
Rating : 7/10
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