Friday, May 9, 2008

Prof.Suryadevara Mahendra Dev appointed Chairman of CACP

Prof.Suryadevara Mahendra Dev appointed as new Chairman of Commision for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP).

Prof. S. Mahendra Dev is an economist who has written extensively on agricultural development, poverty and public policy, food security, employment guarantee schemes, social security, farm and non-farm employment. He did his Ph.D from the Delhi School of Economics and his Post-doctoral research at the Economic Growth Centre, Yale University and was faculty member at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai for 11years.

He has been a consultant to many international organizations like the UNDP, World Bank, International Food Policy Research Institute, ESCAP and has also worked as a member in committees set up by the Government of India. He was member 11th Planning Commision. He is presently Director, Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad.
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