Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hero Rajasekhar to join politics

HYDERABAD: Movie actor Rajasekhar on Monday chose his birthday to reveal that ever since he was a child he was fascinated by politics.

At a media gathering at the Film Nagar Cultural Club on his birthday, he said, “When the time comes, I will announce which political party I will join and the exact date. I will also explain why I preferred a particular party over others.”

Referring to criticism that he was not a Telugu at all, Dr. Rajasekhar said that while his father hailed from Chittoor district, his mother Andalu was from Guntur. “We are very much Telugu. We just went to Tamil Nadu for a while and have now come back. That’s all,” he said. He said his father was a Sub-Inspector of Police in Guntur district when his marriage with Andalu was arranged.

His 1st choice may be 'Telugu Desam' according to the sources.
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