Saturday, February 23, 2008

7Seas Releases Two New Online Casual Games : Indian Recipe and Wed Dress Match

7Seas Technologies Ltd an independent games development company from Hyderabad,(Lingamaneni MaruthiSankar, Managing Director) has developed 2 new online games 'INDIAN RECIPE & WED DRESS MATCH', released through their official portal to sharpen the skills of the House Wives, as well as Parents and Teenagers by making them to spend their leisure time creatively and productively. is fast catching up as a favorite destination for those who love games and fun. The portal has attracted more than half a million regular gamers. In a survey conducted by 7Seas, found that the said Online Gaming portal is attracting even House Wives equally apart from the children. These 2 Online Games convey a sense of Indian Culture and Tradition and simultaneously entertain them.

It was found that house wives, after finishing their house hold work, are spending their leisure time at playing the onlinegames just like their children do, keeping this idea in view, 7Seas has decided to introduce its beautiful house hold cookery game “Indian Recipe” for women and put it in its above official gaming portal The game conveys a sense of hospitality, Indian tradition and Indian style of cooking. It also conveys the Indian moral “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

Indian Recipe is a multi lingual traditional cookery game which is developed in English, Telugu (Bharathiya Vantakalu) and Hindi (Bharathiya Pakvan). The game is inspired from real life.

Indian weddings signify their respective tradition and culture. In these weddings, both Bride and Groom are traditionally dressed depicting the Historical Tradition and Beauty. The wedding costume styles vary with the tradition as per the respective states. Even though the modern Indian men and women wear western costumes in daily life, they preserve their traditions and customs by wearing traditional costumes at weddings invariably. Hence we can say that India is the best example for “Unity in Diversity”.

With a view to convey the beauty of the Indian wedding costumes, 7Seas wed dress match game inculcates the values of the Indian tradition and culture in the players.

About 7Seas

7Seas Technologies Ltd is an independent game development company develops games for PC, Mobile, Online and Console. It has 120 game developers and testers. Company is planning to expand its operations and like to add another 100 people in the next two years. 7Seas is targeting to launch its first 3D mobile game this year, said Mr. Maruti Sanker.Lingamaneni, Managing Director. Gaming Industry in India is becoming a very demanding. 7Seas Technologies Ltd., will be launching new Indian style of online casual games every quarter on their portal. Various gaming portals which are renowned are in talks with 7Seas Technologies Ltd for gaming content. 7Seas will be offering these games on a licensing fee based to different online gaming portals.
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