Friday, November 16, 2007

ETV Netmart online bidding portal

ETV Netmart is the web-based initiative from ETV Network for the benefit of media planners, agencies and advertisers. This B2B portal offers facility for online bidding of commercial airtime on ETV Network Channels and is meant to save time.

Media buyers considering their media planning cycle to achieve the desired reach and frequency objectives for a brand can now choose from our packages designed on the basis of several factors such as viewer ship, economy, reach and ultra frequency… all at a competitive price.

Media planners, agencies and advertisers should register themselves on the portal in order to participate in bidding and buy commercial time.

The Process:

  • Etv Netmart offers online bidding/buying airtime inventory in all Etv Network channels.
  • Agencies/Client will register to participate in bidding/buying facility.
  • Etv Netmart will be open for bidding/buying throughout the month.
  • There will be a number of exciting packages in each of the network channels for advertisers.
  • Etv will present a base cost/unit price and the number of units available in each package for each channel
  • Agencies can bid multiple packages in a channel by quoting a unit price and the number of units they want to bid.
  • Etv will evaluate all the bids at regular intervals and decide to allot/reject the bid.
  • The successful bidder will be informed through an email.
  • Subsequently the agency/client that won the bid has to send the payment and other documentation to Etv.
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