Monday, September 11, 2017

Cherukuri Sivani creates Archery world record

Vijayawada's Cherukuri Dolly Sivani, sister of late Cherukuri Lenin, created two records in Archery on Sunday by aiming arrows perfectly in record time in the presence of the representatives of record books, sports persons, officials of SAAP and others at the Cherukuri Volga Archery Academy.

She successfully aimed 103 arrows out of 104 in 11 minutes and 9 seconds which is a new record. She successfully hit the target with outstanding perfection and skill in archery. As per the rules 100 arrows are to be aimed from the distance of 10 meters. She did it in 11 minutes and 9 seconds.

The five year and five months old lad’s name has been entered into India Book of Record, Asia Book of Record and World for her excellent performance on Sunday. She achieved the feat in the presence of Niraj Chowdary, the representative of India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. In the second event she created another record by aiming 36 arrows on the target in 5.8 minutes.

She scored 290 points against the 360 points to create a new record in the tender age of only five years. 32 arrows are to be aimed from the distance of 20 metres in the second game and she did it in 5 minutes, eight seconds.

Niraj Chowdary, on Sunday officially declared that Sivani had created two new records and presented her with a Certificate.  Andhra Pradesh Archery Academy honorary president and father of Sivani, Cherukuri Satyanarayana told reporters that he was delighted with the achievement of Sivani.

Cherukuri Olga Archery Academy coach Chandrasekhar Lagur, Judges to the event B Sravan Kumar and D Anirudh Durgesh, Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh observer T Nagarjuna, Principal of the SRR and CVR Government college Velaga Joshi and representatives of various sports Associations, educational institutions, archers, sports lovers and others congratulated young Sivani for achieving the feat at the very tender age of five years.
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