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Kamma Archbishops

In many denominations of the Christian religion, an Archbishop is a Bishop of higher rank. Like popes, patriarchs, metropolitans, cardinal bishops, diocesan bishops, suffragan bishops, etc., archbishops belong to the category of bishops, the highest of the three traditional orders of bishops, priests (presbyters), and deacons. One becomes an archbishop by being granted the title or by ordination as chief pastor of a metropolitan see or of another episcopal see to which the title of archbishop is attached.

Archbishop Thomas Pothacamury (Pothakamuri)
Born on September 2, 1889 in Ravipadu, Guntur District in andhra Pradesh. He was Archbishop of Bangalore for 27 years. He was Ordained Priest, 17 Dec 1916, Appointed Bishop of Guntur, India, 9 Apr 1940, Appointed Bishop of Bangalore, India, 15 Oct 1942. He was Appointed Archbishop of Bangalore, India, 19 Sep 1953. He was died on 11 Jan 1968.

Archbishop Samineni Arulappa
Born on August 28, 1924, in a Telugu-speaking village, Kilachery, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, he was educated at the Loyola College, Chennai, and pursued religious studies at Kandy in Sri Lanka. He also acquired a doctorate in public administration from Oxford University, London. He was ordained a priest on May 6, 1950.

Archbishop emeritus of Hyderabad, Samineni Arulappa, passed away at 81 years in 2002, and had been ailing for sometime. Incidentally, Pope Paul VI ordained him the Archbishop of Hyderabad on the same day 33 years ago in 1972 in Rome. Christened affectionately as the “Bishop of the poor,” Arulappa had established the Archdiocese of Hyderabad as a leader in the fields of education, social work and religious work. Under his able leadership, several institutions were born and grew into centres of excellence over the years. Some of these were Loyola College, St. Ann’s College, St. Joseph’s College besides a string of schools, hospitals and social service centres to name a few. He was died on Feb-13-2005.

“By birth I am an Indian, by culture a Hindu and by faith, I am a Christian,” the Archbishop had stated once. Indeed, a man of great tolerance and goodness who leaves behind a multitude of followers from all faiths.

Archbishop Stephen Naidoo
South African clergyman and educationist who became the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cape Town and was known for his opposition to apartheid. 

Stephen Naidoo was born on 23 October 1937 in Durban, Natal, to parents who came from India. He received his primary and secondary schooling in South Africa and was taught by Christian missionaries, before going to Britain for the Redemptorists' noviceship at St. Mary's, Kinnoull Hill, Perth. He then studied theology at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire. 

Naidoo decided that he needed to learn Tamil also if he were to be able to do his work more effectively, so he spent some time in Bangalore, India, learning the language. After that he took a doctorate in Canon Law at the Dominican Angelicum University in Rome. 

In 1968 Naidoo returned to South Africa after a period of teaching liturgy at Hawkstone. He immersed himself in church work, learning a lot about his country in the process, visiting households in African townships and observing first hand the problem of the Cape Town Colored and other minorities. The inequities of the apartheid regime became even more apparent to him and his stand against it, though it did not make headlines, but nonetheless firm. 

In 1973 Naidoo succeeded Cardinal Owen McCann as the first "non-White" Archbishop of Capetown. He died on 1 July 1989 at Merton Park in Surrey, England, after an attack of angina.

Archbishop Prakash Mallavarapu
ArchBishop Prakash Mallavarapu was born on Jan. 29, 1949 in Jadi-Jamalpur, Mandal, Nizamabad in Hyderabad Diocese. He was ordained a priest on Oct. 11, 1979. He was appointed bishop of Cuddapah on May 22, 1998 and was installed on July 22, 1998. On July 26, 2002 he was transferred to the Diocese of Vijayawada. He is the Secretary General of the Conference of Catholics Bishops in India, a body of Latin Rite bishops in India. 

Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Archbishop of Vishakapatnam Archdiocese, on July 3, 2012. On Aug. 10, 2012, Archbishop Prakash Mallavarapu is the Secretary General of the Conference of Catholics Bishops in India, a body of Latin Rite bishops in India.
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