Friday, March 16, 2012

Inauguration of Kamma Mahila Souharda Credit Co Operative Ltd

BANGALORE: Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Higher Education D Purandeshwari on Sunday said that the country is lagging behind in empowering women. She was speaking at the inauguration of the first branch of the Kamma Mahila Souharda Credit Cooperative Ltd at Telugu Vigana Samiti, in Bangalore on Sunday 11th March 2012.

“Evils like female foeticide, domestic violence and child abuse are still going on in states. Their rules are unable to curb them,” the Union Minister said.

Discussing ways in which women could show their strength and be successful in the country, the minster said that initiatives like the credit cooperatives are the best way to develop.

“Cooperative societies are a positive move forward in order to truly empower the women of the country,” she said. The Kamma Mahila Souharda Credit Cooperative Ltd features 12 female directors. Speaking about the growing trends of communities coming closer together as a group, the minister said, “This is a good thing in order to preserve culture in times of rapid globalisation, but the fanatical following and observance of community rules must be discouraged.” She said that for women empowerment to be possible, 33% reservation must be implemented strictly. Additional Director General of Police, Chennai, T Radhakrishnan and M Narasimhappa and former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax were present on the occasion.
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