Friday, March 23, 2012

Bhavyasri Kodali: literary icon in the US

Three months ago, Bhavyasri Kodali was just another teenager attending senior school in the USA. Then came her novel, Vindictive, a thriller set in New York, and things started changing. Today, she is a literary icon in the States with her debut novel selling over 25,000 copies since January.

Bhavyasri aspires to be a doctor and has already begun volunteering at a hospital. In her spare time, she writes mysteries. Originally from Vijayawada, Bhavyasri is now planning a sequel to Vindictive.

Vindictive is about three friends, whose curiosity unravels a dangerous secret behind a friend’s death. “It took about three months,” she says, adding, “I was not sure that it would be so successful.

This was something I did for entertainment and fun, almost like a hobby. I was not expecting it to get published at all. It all came as a big surprise and I am very fortunate.”

Asked what in her book made it a bestseller, Bhavyasri says, “I think my book is to the point, it does not exaggerate or withdraw the necessary details. The characters are different from each other and can be related to the real world. It’s not the plot, but it is the sequence of the story that interests people.”

Bhavyasri is a senior in Simi Valley High School and will graduate this June. The daughter of Srinivasa Kodali and Vijaya Lakshmi says, “I want to become a doctor in the long run, but now I want to focus on getting my pre-medical degree and perhaps writing a sequel; I’m not sure yet.”
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