Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7Seas launches social gaming platform

7Seas Entertainment Limited, a Hyderabad-based independent IP-based games development company, today said it had added a social gaming platform to its online casual gaming portals www.neodelight.com and www.onlinerealgames.com, which already have in their kitty over 500 high-scored games across all genres.

“The new social gaming platform works differently. Here, a user can simply play a game, make a comment, challenge his friend's moves and take an active part without really bothering about whether they had something awesome to say or post pictures. A user can also add friends and invite friends.The platform also enables the ‘registered players’ to play games with each other by forming ‘custom-friendly’ leagues and play games as a team or create his own avatar,” Lingamaneni Maruti Sanker, Managing Director of 7Seas, .

Social games have enjoyed a worldwide surge in popularity in recent years. According to a recent report from Business Insights, the social gaming market encapsulates nearly 600 million users and was worth nearly $1.5 billion worldwide in 2010, he added.

The company has also integrated its two portals with Facebook, which allows players to log into the portals with their Facebook account and enables sharing relevant gaming content, including social plug-ins. Facebook users will also have the added advantage of having an access to all the features of these two sites, besides their regular Facebook features.

“With this integration, we look forward to doubling our user base by the year-end. There has been an explosion of social gaming out there in the online world. The best part of social games is ‘awareness of others’ ‘actions in games’,” Sanker said.
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