Monday, November 1, 2010

WIWO Mobile Phones launched

Bangalore: The Bangalore based United Telecoms Ltd (Chalasani Basavapurnaiah, chairman) pioneers in Information & Communication Technology Solutions, announced the launch of WIWO mobiles, the first of its kind radiation certified handsets in India which alsooffer user menus in five Indian languages. A perfect blend of style, sophistication, andperformance, WIWO offers an ‘Indian solution’ by providing regional customers a choiceof 5 Indian language menus; Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi apart fromEnglish. With a peppy tagline “the new hello”, WIWO enters the market with eight brandnew, eye-catching, world class design models, loaded with innovative features andapplications.

This feature rich and affordable range of mobile handsets from WIWO comes to themarket with trend-setting designs and a horde of differentiating features like noisecancelling ear plugs, dual battery, replaceable extra speaker, WIWO user interface andanimation, motion sensor and power torch. Additional features like 3.5mm music jack inlow end phones, camera, bluetooth and expandable memory make the WIWO phones anexciting buy for the discerning consumer.

In addition to this, WIWO has another surprise in store for all its customers. Asan introductory offer, every customer buying a WIWO handset will get shoppingvouchers enabling him to avail super offers on his favourite brands. Customers can getdiscounts across brands like Sonata watches, VIP luggage, Sun Direct DTH connection,Peter England garments and Prestige Super Kitchen products using these vouchers.

WIWO Mobiles will be initially launched in South India supported with wide servicenetwork of 125 centres in more than 100 locations across South India and then will berolled out nationally in the next three months.

WIWO Mobiles are priced between ` 2099/- and ` 4299/- and are available at leadingstores across South India.

With a projected turnover of ` 270 Cr, ` 460 Cr and ` 690 Cr in 2011, 2012 and2013 respectively, WIWO Mobiles future plans include an in house Product Design &Development lab at the cost of ` 5 Cr and a Product Testing & Simulation lab at the costof ` 5 Cr by 2011. The company also plans to spend ` 125 Cr on marketing over the next3 years.

United Telecoms group is a Bangalore based, 3-decade old ICT Solutions Companywith wide experience in setting up telecom networks, e-governance networks andsolutions across various sectors. The group is today considered a benchmark in thetelecommunication industry for its research and development, world class products,pioneering achievements and cost effective technology solutions.

The United Telecoms group is the first Indian company to develop futuristic opticaltransmission 10G DWDM technology and is among the top 2 suppliers of landline phonesin India. While 1 out of 4 landline calls in India is made through Preetel phones suppliedby United Telecoms, 1 out of 4 landline calls in India is routed through an exchangesupplied by United Telecoms, thus speaking of the reach of this famed group. The UTLgroup is also the first and largest e-governance company having deployed networks andapplications impacting over 40% of the Indian population.

The United Telecoms group promoted JT Mobiles became the first cellular operator inSouthern India, by starting operations in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in1995. JT Mobiles was subsequently merged into Airtel.
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