Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surya Yalamanchi Now Sees Value of Party Label

Ohio marketing executive Surya Yalamanchili is ending his two-month stint as an independent candidate in the 2nd district and will instead seek the Democratic nomination.

"I entered this race as an Independent because of my deep frustration with the current state of our political system and its inability to address our serious national challenges," Yalamanchili said in a statement. "As I've made my way across the 2nd district, it has become clear to me that I can do the most good from within the Democratic party."

"My focus on jobs and economic issues are exactly what this district cares about," he said, describing a platform that dovetails with Democratic principles and has "resonated very well" in Ohio's 2nd, which includes part of Cincinnati and territory east of that city.

Yalamanchili, who once appeared on the reality television program "The Apprentice," is the third Democrat to challenge Rep. Jean Schmidt (R). David Krikorian, who was an independent candidate in the 2008 election, and Jim Parker also are running. Other Democrats could enter the race before the Feb. 18 filing deadline.
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