Saturday, November 28, 2009

Indies Pharma makes history

Jamaica: A commitment to quality and leadership in the pharmaceutical industry has landed the Montego Bay-based Indies Pharma (Dr Guna Muppuri, president and CEO) the prestigious 2009 Century International Quality ERA Award.

During the 11th Century International Quality ERA Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, Indies Pharma copped the award in the gold category in recognition of tech-nology, innovation and management -
marking the first time a Jamaican pharmaceutical company has won such an award.

"We were surprised that we were chosen for this award because, while you are aware that you are monitored locally, we were not aware the international community was also taking such a keen interest in our operations," said Dr Guna Muppuri, Indies Pharma's president and chief executive officer.

Good track record
The criteria on which the award is given includes excellence in leadership and business manage-ment, quality and excellence, business and brandname prestige and technology, innovation and expansion.

While Indies Pharma has only been in business since 2005, the company has managed to win the National Quality Awards by the Bureau of Standards twice in 2006 and 2008, with more than 30,000 companies locally vying for this award. In addition, the company won the Best New Business Award in 2006, presented by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce; the Employment Creation Award in 2007, presented by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.

Operating under the slogan 'Caring for the Nation's Health', Muppuri pointed out that the success of his company has been fuelled by the commitment and dedication to providing quality supplies, offering excellent leadership "with a passion as we want to see our people healthy".

Muppuri added: "A healthy nation is a productive one and we want to play our role in accomplishing that."

Indies Pharma is a unique pharmaceutical company that offers a comprehensive package of scientific, technical, medical education and pharmaceutical consultancy services in addition to its regional (Caribbean) and local marketing and distribution services to its multi-national principal drug manufacturers.

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