Friday, September 25, 2009

Natco launches generic version of Tamiflu across India

Natco Pharma Limited has launched first retail medication Natflu in the form of capsule to cure swine flu. This medicine will be available against medical prescription at chemist across India.

"Natco Pharma has launched Natflu capsules (generic version of Tamiflu - Oseltamivir) the first cure for swine flu to be available against medical prescription at chemists across India," announced V C Nannapaneni, chairman & managing director.

Globally, this drug is approved both in treatment and prevention of swine flu. Natflu is being launched all over India by Natco but since Maharashtra and Karnataka are the states where maximum Swine Flu deaths have been reported, these two states are the immediate focus areas. The company is ready with 1,25,000 doses and can meet any expectation depending on the seriousness of the Swine Flu situation.

The medicine, whose maximum retail price is fixed at Rs 480 for a bottle of 10 capsules, is available in all Schedule X pharmacies. Natco is working with low margins for this drug from the humane angle and not for purely commercial reasons.

Natco Pharma has tied up with Medplus for distribution and is in talks with other distributors to ramp up its channel across India. The company expects to release 10 million capsules of Natflu by October 2009.

Natco Pharma has four manufacturing facilities in Andhra Pradesh and Dehradun and employs around 2000 people. It has been consistently ranked among the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the country. It manufactures branded and generic dosage forms, bulk actives and intermediates for both the Indian as well as the international markets. The company is a pioneer in Timed Release Dosage Systems in India.
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