Saturday, September 12, 2009

Galla Foods enters the beverage market of India

The Chittoor based Galla Foods (Jay Galla Managing Director) has entered the popular fruit drinks segment with the launch of Galla Fruit Drinks in two flavours - Classical Mango and an exotic blend of Apple-Litchi, targeting young consumers SEC (socio-economic classes) A & B in the local markets who prefer their juices on-the-go but are unwilling to compromise on the taste and health parameters.

The launch is timed for the mini summer season building up to the festival season and would be available both in traditional kirana stores and MTO's (modern trade outlet) across South India.

The category-first 275 ml pet bottle with the distinctive wide mouth and grip-handy neck brings alive the long chilled drink experience straight from the bottle. The 275 ml. mango pack retails at Rs12 and the 550 ml. at Rs 22 while the apple-litchi is priced at Rs13 and Rs 24 respectively.

Branded fruit juices consumed primarily as thirst quenchers with fruit pulp content up to 20% are classified as fruit drinks and constitute the most popular segment in India accounting for nearly 76% in the overall market. The South Indian fruit juices market is estimated at 92 million litres with 98% contributed by fruit drink beverages.

Announcing the launch at the Media Preview today in Chennai, Jay Galla, and managing director said, "With in-house process over the entire value chain - right from the farmer to the consumer - we have complete control. Beginning with the selection of fruits to the final product in the bottle, every single step goes through the rigorous Galla Foods quality control. This ensures Galla fruit drinks are the best and the freshest in the market."

"Though the thirst quencher segment takes the lion's share among branded fruit juices, it has been more of a volume driven market. The consumers so far had to settle for the smaller size tetra-pack, glass bottle or an occasional pet bottle to quench their thirst while at home or on the move. We are offering them a tasty thirst quencher in a very trendy pack at a very attractive price. The unique long neck-wide mouth bottle with 275 ml drink will give the consumer the true long fruit drink experience. Our target is to reach 10% market share in the fruit based beverage category within 5 years. We are planning more new launches shortly," he added

Set up in 2005, Galla Foods is a premier exporter of fruit concentrates and pulp to top institutional buyers in Europe, Japan and the USA. Last year, the company entered the domestic market with the launch of the thickest mango nectar in India - the Galla Thick Mango. Recently mango blends were added to the portfolio.

Galla Foods Private Ltd, a member of the Amara Raja Group, is a premier exporter of the finest tropical purees and concentrates.
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