Thursday, January 15, 2009

Raju Narisetti named Washington Post managing editor

Washington, Jan 14: The Washington Post Tuesday named two managing editors, one of them a person of Indian origin and the other the first woman to hold that title in the paper's history to speed up the merger of the company's print and online newsrooms.

Raju Narisetti, (Kamma guy from Ponnuru, Guntur dist- AP) a former deputy managing editor of the Wall Street Journal, will oversee the paper's style and other feature sections. He becomes the second person of Indian origin to take up a leadership position in a major US daily.

Narisetti, 42, launched a national business newspaper in India in 2007. The Indian-American worked with Brauchli in several roles at the Journal, the newspaper where Brauchli was the top editor until owner Rupert Murdoch helped pressure him into leaving last spring.

Narisetti, he said, 'is quite a visionary in journalistic terms. He understands where the media is going. The combination of these two should prove very strong for The Post in the near term. In the longer term, both of these people are just outstanding journalists.'

Narisetti was born in India and spent his first 18 years there, before enrolling in Indiana University in 1989 and earning a master's degree in journalism. He worked with Brauchli as a deputy national editor at the Journal, and again when he supervised the Journal's European editions from Brussels, and Brauchli was global news editor.

Narisetti resigned two weeks ago as founding editor of the Mint, which was conceived as a joint publication and Web site in India. 'When you're crazy enough to start a newspaper in 2007, you rethink a lot of the approaches to it,' he said. 'It gives you the luxury of a lot of fresh ideas that an existing newspaper doesn't have.'

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