Saturday, September 20, 2008

NRI Pratap Suryadevara launches website on health and nutrition

CALIFORNIA: Pratap Suryadevara, an NRI, launched a website, mynutritionandheal, on health and nutrition recently at Shiva temple, Livermore, California.

Pratap is a native of Amaravathi, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh and his website is an award winning project from the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

This project aims to address the issues of poor diet and malnutrition by providing self assessment programs and the other health related information.

Self assessment has been proven to be a good means of affecting diet and food style changes and by making recommendations to change diet, the website strives to improve one's health and reduce long- term health problems.

It also intends to increase people's awareness about health by providing information regarding nutrition, diet, fitness and diseases.

Highlights of the website are free downloads of vegetables, fruits, vitamins, mineral charts with information on health benefits including color images and a simple health assessment about nutrition for all age groups.

Pratap Suryadevara did his masters in pharmacy in India and PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from UK. The website also aims to extend its support to the benefit of communities through its community programs.
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