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Military Medal (I.A.F Medal) Awardees

IAF Medal Awrdees (Kammas)

Shaurya Chakra :
The Shaurya Chakra is the third level award for gallantry away from the battlefield and by far the nearest equivalent of the Vir Chakra Award for Peacetime Unlike the Ashok and Kirti Chakra awards, One will find a significant number of NCOs, Civilians, Army and other Services Members who were either attached to the IAF at the time of the date of the awards or were
recommended by the IAF for the award.

1. Flt Sgt: L Raghaviah
2. Wg Cdr: Chekuri Mohan Rao, 26 Jan 90
4. Sqn Ldr: Tammineni Srinivasulu, 15 Aug 05

Flying Cross :
The Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to officers and Warrant Officers for an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty performed whilst flying in active operations against the enemy. The slip-on bar has an eagle in the centre.

1. Flying Officer, Bollineni Ramachandra Rao, awarded in Jan 1945 (Awarded by British Government)

Ati Vishist Seva Medal :
1. Gp Capt Kanumilli Suryanarayana Rao
2. Major General Arikapudi Ravindra Kumar.
3. Major General Puttagunta Sivarama Krishna Choudhary
4. Air Commander, Gudipudi Rajendra Prasad
5. Air Commander, Packiriswamy Kanakaraj

Vishist Seva Medal :
The Vishist Seva Medal forms the third level of decoration to be granted for distinguished service. The VSM was lower in precedence to the Vayu Sena Medal. But when the Yudh Seva Medal was instituted it was put in a higher precendence to
the VM.

1. Wing Commander, Goli Mahendra, July 89
2. Sqadron Leader, Shiv Ram Krishna, July 89
3. Wing Commander, Jonnalagadda Rajendra 26 JAn 08
3. Air Commander, Packiriswamy Kanakaraj 26 Jan 09
4. Wing Commander, Cherukuri Venkata Ranga Rama Sudhir 26 Jan 09
5. Group Captain, Musunuri Durga Nageswara Prasad 26 Jan 11
6. Air Commander, Jonnalagedda Chalapati 26 Jan 12

Vayusena Medal :
The Vayusena Medal (VM) is usually a peacetime award for a job well done. However it has been awarded during times of conflict for acts of gallantry in the face of enemy. Though not in the same numbers as the Vir Chakra.

1. Wing Commander: Srinivas Anand Bhaskar Naidu, 26 Jan 81
2. Wing Commander: A K Prasad, 26 Jan 96
3. Wing Commander: Guttikonda Amar Prasad Babu, 26 Jan 04
4. Wing Commander Nuthalapati Koteswara Rao, 26 Jan 98
5. Gp Capt: Motilal Nalluri, Announced 26 Jan 01
6. Wing Commander: Venigalla Srinivas Choudary 26 Jan 09
7. Wing Commander: Ravuri Sheetal 26 Jan 11
8. Air Commander Mulpuru Venkat Rama Rao 26 Jan 13
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